I Want To Buy A House In Georgia

There are many people who have children and decide to raise them in the big city and I am not one of them. While I have lived in Los Angeles for most of my adult life, I have decided to move back to the city I was born in, Winder, GA. Many of my relatives live there, so I will not be stuck in a place where I do not know anyone.

The main reason I am planning to move there is because my son keeps getting in trouble. While I know that he can probably get into things when he lives in Winder, I know that the temptations of the big city will no longer be available to him. The change of pace may give him the opportunity to embrace a better attitude and figure out what he is going to do with his life.

We went to visit my grandparents a few years back and it seemed like both of my children liked the place. When I asked them how they felt about moving there, they were far more receptive than I thought they would be. That is making it easier for me to pick up and leave. If they were going to fight me every step of the way then it would have been a much harder thing to do.

My only concern with moving is trying to find a place that is in a great school district. Someone told me that schools in the South tend to be less advanced than those in other parts of the country. I don’t want to have my children enrolled in classes that will not be challenging to them in any way. I will do some research to see what I can expect. In the event that the public school system is not so great, I guess I will need to consider a private institution.

I am looking forward to the fact that there is a very low cost of living there when compared to Los Angeles. I work online for a design company, so I will make the same salary and have far less bills to pay. This means that I can have more money for things like going on vacations and buying a nicer car. That in itself is making Georgia seem like the best place for me to settle down.