Interesting Facts About Georgia

Georgia is more than just another state in the USA. It is home to a vibrant community of culturally diverse people, living and working together to make their life better. There are some interesting facts you may want to know about Georgia, so let’s see how it is different from all other states.

First of all, you should know that Atlanta is the exception to what the rest of Georgia stands for. The metropolitan area is busy and crowded, just like Washington, New York or any other similar place for that matter. It has a subway line, but public transport is usually quite poor, so most locals prefer to drive their own cars. It’s easy to imagine how their rush hour look like. However, when you have to face such realities each and every day of your life, you find ways to adapt to the situation, and to make the best out of it. This is why most people read books, listen to podcasts and audiobooks while they commute to and from work. They make use of all this time the best way they can, this being a form of adaptation to what there is. Standing against the flow doesn’t serve anybody’s goals, so the sooner you understand and accept these facts, the happier you’re going to be, whether you live in Georgia or everywhere else for that matter.

Another interesting fact about Georgia is that the weather is extremely unreliable. You can enjoy a hot summer weather in the morning and experience cold showers and strong winds in the afternoon, only to come back to the calm and nice weather by night. Everything changes very fast, so there’s a great chance you’re going to be caught unprepared more often than not. However, locals don’t seem to care too much about this, as they have acquired the discipline of getting themselves prepared for three or four seasons in a day.

Last but not least, Georgia isn’t the huge cotton filed you may have read about in various books. While there are some cotton plantations, you can find also mountain trails, beaches and forests, as well as industrial landscapes and metropolitan areas almost as crowded as New York.

In order to make yourself an idea about his state, you should try to visit it by different times of year. This might be very useful especially if you intend to relocate there at some point in your life.